BNW Update for Movember 4th: Happy Mom Day, Birthday!

It’s the
Brave New Update
for Movember 4th
Happy birthday, Mom.

 Oh, my little Tweetie Pies! You are following us, yes?

Run along now…time to follow the funny book store that you adore….I’ll wait….

Ever wonder where all the good stuff is hiding? Check it out!! 
Seems we’re pretty good at it….
“This seller is excellent. FAST shipping. Product was even better than I expected. If I see Brave New World as the seller Ill buy it with 1 click and no worries, Luv you guys, Thanx, Jim”
“I’m a big fan of high-caliber sellers with excellent communication skills… 🙂
Thanks again and be well, -jason”
“Warp speed shipping ensures that I will purchase product from this seller again! Many thanks.” – Richard



It’s time for
and wow do we ever have an amazing night lined up for you!We are SO proud and honored to have been included in Respect Films’ newest documentary, She Makes Comics! This film tells the untold, little known, and downright cool history of women in the comic book industry…including those who choose to own and operate award winning funny book super stores (just sayin). We at Brave New World are delighted to be hosting the super snazzy, red carpet, tuxedos optional, world premiere of this fantastic, long overdue movie!

You do NOT want to miss it!

In fact, since it’s going to be so great,
we’ve decided to INVITE THE BOYS to join us, just this once. You’re welcome, fellas….literally.Admission to this event will be just $5 at the door, which will get you $5 to spend in the store! (*cough, cough* Geek Boutique *ahem*) In addition to screening the film, we will also have our usual unusually awesome Geeky Manicures, a Creator’s Lounge (meet, greet, sketch, selfie, sign!), and of course, following the movie, an exclusive Q&A PANEL DISCUSSION with the filmmakers and super special guests!!!!

And you know those Greaty Boxes that you’ve heard so much about? Oh, just you wait…the first 25 of you through the door at 5pm on Saturday, November 15th will receive one of these legendary gifts. Fear not, late-comers! We’ll cook up something fun for everybody. Promise!

Stay tuned for more details, my pretties….
but make sure you save the date!
You really don’t want to miss this one!


Oh dear…last week the Kogi trash was out of control, you guys. Please know that we’re getting really close to having to shut this down if we can’t keep the refuse under control. Get it together, ya’ll….

Classes are every Saturday at
10:15 AND Noon
Feel free to come by and check it out!
The first one’s on the house, and will give you a chance to understand what we do, meet Chris, and see which class time would be the best fit. No need to RSVP, just come on over and give it a go!

 (shhh…he’s sleeping….)


7:ish on the dot! DON’T MISS IT!

Work in any medium you like, so long as you clean it up!

As always, the intrepid rock star of the funny book world, Mister Chris Johnson, will be on hand to guide your hand to artistic supremacy.
*Always looking for more models, lovelies!
It pays, it’s fun, and you get to wear your fancy costumes in public. Win/win/nerd!
Lemme know if’n you wanna give it a go!

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