BNW Supplemental Update: Winter is coming!

It’s the
Brave New
for December 19th

 Oh, my little Tweetie Pies! You are following us, yes?

Run along now…time to follow the funny book store that you adore….I’ll wait….

Ever wonder where all the good stuff is hiding?Check it out!! 
Seems we’re pretty good at it….
“This seller is excellent. FAST shipping. Product was even better than I expected. If I see Brave New World as the seller Ill buy it with 1 click and no worries, Luv you guys, Thanx, Jim”
“I’m a big fan of high-caliber sellers with excellent communication skills… 🙂
Thanks again and be well, -jason”
“Warp speed shipping ensures that I will purchase product from this seller again! Many thanks.” – Richard


  Shortest day of the year?

Shortest SALE of the year!!!

And by the look of it, you may be able to wear shorts this year….


December 21th
celebrate the Winter Solstice at Brave New World! From 5pm-6pm
(I told you it was a short one…)
everything in the store*….EVERYTHING IN THE STORE…is 25% off. TWENTY FIVE PERCENT!
Don’t miss it, people.
Just like fudge with nuts, it won’t last long.
*standard rules of retail apply, you guys.
No discount on items you already purchased, Brave New Bucks, gift certificates, or Previews/pre-paid/special orders.
This is an IN-STORE sale. 
Jingle jingle!!
Happy everything, you guys.


From all of us, to all of you.

Until next time, I’m still…

~Portlyn @ BNW

What? We are just friends!!

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