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Rave Reviews for Brave New World Comics:

“I can’t wait for my daughter to grow up and read and be able to take her to your amazing store…. As a father it’s sooo nice to see positive females in and around that I can’t point to and say see baby you can do anything you want and have fun doing it … I have never walked in to a more welcoming comic book store ever .. Thank you and keep up the amazing job!!!!” – Joe Hernandez

“Brave New World is a class act… you are awesome!” – Jonathan Baker

“Thank you Portlyn for allowing me to come into your shop to show my book to your customers. I was very happy with the response. Ben and Sam were great. I would love to come back again for my next book. Thank you again and I will see you again in the near future.” -Paul Jamison, Paragon creator

“My 8 year old son has been harassing me to come to a comic book shop for weeks ever since he discovered comic book men on AMC. According to yelp, this is the best one is the SCV. They were right, this really is a great shop. They have a great selection including tons of $1 comics as well as everything else you’d expect in a good comic shop. The staff is super nice and friendly greeting my kids and I as we walked in. They also took the time to try to find some female centered comics for my 5 year old daughter. Really, a great experience. We will be back.’ – Doug M.

‘This is my favorite comic book store in SCV. The place is well organized and the prices are fair. I’ll usually come by here at least twice a month to get my comic fix. My GF tried out their classes and she said she loved it. The employees are friendly and its just a great atmosphere all around.’ ‘Support local businesses and stop going to Barnes for comics. GO TO BRAVE NEW WORLD!’ – Ivan P.

“A weekend pinball machine hunt brought me all the way out to Newhall and this comic shop, Brave New World. Right off the bat you could tell this place was very well put together. Large, spacious, and very clean. All of the displays we well organized and the people working were all really friendly. They had a small room with their two pinball machines: Jurassic Park and Addams Family (collectors edition). Both were spectacularly maintained, and played perfectly. The people there really seemed to enjoy having people enjoy their machines. We ended up spending a lot of time there and happily found a bunch of things to buy as well. It was a fantastic little destination for our pinball road trip and I will be telling all of my pinball and comic collecting friends to be sure to visit Brave New World. ‘ – Bill

“Great comic book store – staff is always very friendly and their shelves are full of current and nostalgic collections. What’s really cool is their Saturday drawing classes, taught by published comic book artists. My daughter is big into drawing and she learns a lot from this class. My 5 year-old boy picks out a comic book while his sister is in class, and we have Saturday morning cartoons in a whole new way. Full of great material, BNW gets the big thumbs up also because their staff are so usefully good natured and helpful.” – Jack L.

“While I was once described by an enamored boy with a crush as looking like a busty comic book gal, I can’t say I’ve ever really been into comic books. However, I do appreciate the geeks who adore them and so, comic geeks of the world, this one’s for you! This is an awesome little store that has many a cool find in it, including hard to find comics, really cool t-shirts (Geek Magnet and the cutest little baby shirt: Geek in Training) and great sales. They also offer drawing lessons apparently and even have a free comic book day, which is the talk of the town for those in the know. The guy working here seemed like really cool beans and everyone seemed very friendly. Definite local gem to put on your radar if you are a fan of the books and plastic slips that protect them. Geek on!” – Stephy S.

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