About Us

store front

Brave New World Comics…the pop culture super store that you adore…was born in the early 90’s, and has grown beyond the toddler years, its petulant teenage existence, and is now the strong and gorgeous young lady that it was always meant to be! Or something like that….

Female owned and operated….with a boy or two, here and there to lend a hand…our focus is on our community, unique and fun store events, and, duh, COMICS!

We love all the geeky goodness that you do, and we strive to make fun, interesting, and delightful things available to you in our store. From the tightly curated, handmade offerings in our Geek Boutique, to the fun and interesting geeky gift items that we populate the shop with, we’re always looking to bring you what is new, fresh, and fabulous. Every Wednesday morning finds us stocking our shelves with the week’s new comics, graphic novels, toys, t-shirts, games, puppies, and cupcakes. So many wonderful things, every single week!

When we’re not stocking shelves and sprucing up the shop, you’ll likely be able to spot a few of us in the office, located just off the sales floor. That’s where we do the planning! You see, not only do we stock all the very finest wares that the comics industry as a whole has to offer, we also plan events. Oh, so many events! Whether it’s gaming tournaments, art classes, the original Main St. Zombie March and Zombie Prom, Geek Girls Night, Geek Singles Night, gallery shows, burlesque shows, improv shows, comedy nights, or (our personal favorite funny book holiday) Free Comic Book Day, there is literally always something going on around here.

Stop by and take a look. We’ll cheerfully show you around….

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