The Brave New World Academy is our way of encouraging kids of all ages enjoy the creation of their own comics and developing their own artistic skills in the comics, manga and animation arts.

We believe that the talents of any student should be explored without limiting them to the same dull exercises that many art programs inflict on them and that each individual student has a unique voice that should be celebrated and developed.

Our art programs are taught by industry professionals in the fields of comics, animation, advertising, video games and film. We run 6 week programs focusing on basic and advanced skills followed by a Gallery Day, giving our students the opportunity to show off the fruits of their labors to family and friends.

For more information about our current program, Gallery day of find out how to take part in a FREE ART CLASS, please contact our staff at or 661-259- 4745.

Saturday Morning Art Classes

Saturdays at 10:15 and Noon

Feel free to come by and check it out!  The first one’s on the house, and will give you a chance to understand what we do, meet Chris, and see which class time would be the best fit.  No need to RSVP, just come on over and give it a go!

Just $20 per student or buy a set of 6 classes for $110

Super Life Drawing

First Wednesday of the month @ 7pm

Work in any medium you like, so long as you clean it up!



We provide the costumed character model, you provide the superhero life drawing! As always, the intrepid rock star of the funny book world, Mister Chris Johnson, will be on hand to guide your hand to artistic supremacy.  Read into that anything you’d like…

253435_10150215913875340_157284_nJust $10 per student

We are always looking for more models, lovelies!  It pays, it’s fun, and you get to wear your fancy costumes in public.  Win/win/nerd!

Lemme know if’n you wanna give it a go!


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