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Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons TP (2024) Graphic Novel

Godzilla: Here There Be Dragons TP (2024) Graphic Novel

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(W) Frank Tieri (A) Inaki Miranda

“Before humanity had successfully traveled the entire globe, it was believed that monsters ruled the oceans just beyond the horizon. "Here there be dragons.." was written on maps to denote the areas people dared not go. That is, until Sir Francis Drake circumnavigated the seas, visiting foreign lands and collecting treasure.

That's what history tells us, at least, but history does not have the full tale. Monsters did lurk yonder, living on an island that still doesn't appear on any map, and among them was the king of them all... Godzilla! Collects the five-issue series in a softcover graphic novel.”

Estimated Release Date: 4/10/2024

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