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Godzilla vs MMPR II #1 (2024) A Cover

Godzilla vs MMPR II #1 (2024) A Cover

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(W) Cullen Bunn (A) Baldemar Rivas (CA) Freddie Williams

“Worlds collide a second time as everyone's favorite kaiju meets up with Earth's mightiest warriors once again to take on the most fearsome monsters from both sides of the multiverse, with Rita Repulsa egging them on!

This one has it all: SpaceGodzilla! Clawhammer! Tentacreep! But what exactly does Rita intend to do with their collective might, and how have her mysterious new allies, Astronema and the Alliance of Evil-given her added reach across worlds? The Power Rangers are on a mission to find out, but first... all roads lead back to Godzilla!”

Estimated Release Date: 4/3/2024

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