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Green Lantern (2023) v1 Back In Action TP Graphic Novel

Green Lantern (2023) v1 Back In Action TP Graphic Novel

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(W) Jeremy Adams (A) Xermanico, Eduardo Pansica, Jordi Tarragona and More (CA) Xermanico

“Hal Jordan's homecoming may not be the welcome he was hoping for! Spinning out of the events of Dark Crisis, the Guardians of Oa at the heart of the Green Lantern Corps have quarantined Sector 2814, home of the planet Earth--and its champion along with it!

From the visionary team of Jeremy Adams and Xermanico (Flashpoint Beyond) comes a tale of redemption, loss, and finding out that maybe...just can go home again. At least if you're willing to hot-wire a power ring to do it.

Estimated Release Date: 6/4/2024

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