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Mystic Omnibus HC (2024) CrossGen

Mystic Omnibus HC (2024) CrossGen

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(W) Ron Marz, Various (A) Various (A/CA) Brandon Peterson

“On a world where society is based upon magic, ultimate power rests in the hands of the last person who wants it:

Giselle Villard, professional party girl! The carefree socialite may live on Ciress, a planet rife with sorcery, but she wants nothing whatsoever to do with it. Meanwhile, her sister, Genevieve, has devoted her life to one of the seven mystical guilds that preside over the world.

But when a mysterious event grants Giselle the Sigil - a mark empowering her with uncanny abilities - it changes everything! How will Giselle handle this new power and unwanted responsibility that put her at odds with the Guild Masters, her own sister and her world's greatest evil:

Animora, a creature of almost limitless power who nearly destroyed Ciress once before? Collecting MYSTIC (2000)

#1-43, CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #5 and material from CROSSGEN CHRONICLES #1.“

Estimated Release Date: 8/14/2024

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