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Rocketeer: In The Den Of Thieves TP (2024) Graphic Novel

Rocketeer: In The Den Of Thieves TP (2024) Graphic Novel

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(W) Stephen Mooney (A) David Messina

“The Rocketeer is grounded! After Cliff and Betty's adventures in Europe-with Cliff losing the Great Race but saving the day-he and Betty return home with a busted jet pack but a fixed relationship!

They re as happy as they've ever been.. but paradise doesn't last long! An elite band of Nazis, foiled in the past by their attempts to construct their own jet packs, decide on a new tactic: kidnapping the only person who can enable them to create their very own fleet of Rocketeers-Cliff's beloved friend and mentor Peevy!

Cliff and Betty must smuggle themselves into Berlin alongside mysterious allies in order to save Peevy. But first, they'll have to overcome Hitler's war machine.“

Estimated Release Date: 4/17/2024

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