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TMNT: Nightwatcher #1 (2024) A Cover

TMNT: Nightwatcher #1 (2024) A Cover

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WOAH! We saw Raphael don the mantle of the Nightwatcher in the 2007 TMNT animated movie — but who is the Nightwatcher in the IDW TMNT Universe?

“Violence and discrimination against mutants is running wild, and a new vigilante will rise up to combat it... but who is this fearsome fighter standing bravely against those who wish to harm mutants?

From the inventive mind of writer Juni Ba and the brilliant artist Fero Pe comes TMNT: NIGHTWATCHER, a new ongoing series this August.

"I find the world of TMNT extremely fun and fascinating, and I want to use the character of Nightwatcher as an anchor to explore that world in an action-packed adventure format that I hope people will love," said Ba. "While it's a spin-off series, I do want it to stand on its own as something you like for itself, and not just because it's tied to TMNT.”

Estimated Release Date: August 2024

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