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Wolverine: Sabretooth War v1 TP (2024) by Benjamin Percy

Wolverine: Sabretooth War v1 TP (2024) by Benjamin Percy

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(W) Ben Percy, Victor Lavalle (A) Cory Smith, Geoff Shaw (CA) Leinil Yu

“The most violent Wolverine story ever told! Get ready for the showdown to end all showdowns: Wolverine vs. Sabretooth!

It's been years since these heavy hitters have crossed paths in the Marvel Universe. But as Krakoa falls, so rises Sabretooth - and he's out for revenge! Freed from the Pit and backed by an army of Sabreteeth, Victor Creed will prove once and for all why he's Logan's ultimate nemesis!

Collecting WOLVERINE (2020) #41-45.“

Estimated Release Date: 6/11/2024

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